Trumpā€™s Bullying of the Justice Department Again Must Mean the Russia Investigation Is Heating UpĀ 

Whenever President Donald Trump starts tweeting wildly and furiously, it usually means heā€™s bothered about the Russia investigation. On Sunday the president fired off a series of all-cap-and-exclamation-point-laden tweets that were all over the place. In the end, the most telling tweet, and the one that proves thatā€¦

Beavercreek, Ohio, Officer Wonā€™t Face Federal Charges in Death of John Crawford III

Itā€™s been almost three years since a Beavercreek, Ohio, police officer fatally shot a black Walmart shopper who was holding a pellet gun that he had unboxed on a store shelf. On Tuesday, federal investigators announced that they would not seek federal charges against the officer in the shooting death of John Crawfordā€¦