I Guess Fair and Equal Treatment Only Matters if You Like the Person Asking for It. Yes, We’re Talking About Mo’Nique

I’m not a fan of Mo’Nique and never have been. I don’t have any disdain for her; she’s just not my brand of bourbon, if you catch my drift. If I got free tickets to see a show in person, I may go depending on what else I had going on that particular evening. I have enjoyed some of her work—I liked her in Almost

Dave Chappelle Courts Controversy in 2 New Comedy Specials: Singles Out Louis C.K. Accuser, Doubles Down on Trans Jokes

Yup, Dave Chappelle went there. In his new Netflix comedy special, The Bird Revelation, Chappelle touches on sexual harassment in Hollywood and in comedy, mining the accusations against fellow comedian Louis C.K., who was accused of masturbating in front of female colleagues, for joke fodder. The special debuted on…