Cornel West Seems to Believe Ta-Nehisi Coates Is Writing From the Sidelines, but Sidelines Don’t Exist for Black People

I’m writing this from the third floor of the brownstone in Pittsburgh’s Northside that my wife and I have been renting for a year and a half now. I’m in a bedroom that has been repurposed as both my office and my de facto closet. My daughter’s bedroom is on the same floor, and the bedroom my wife and I share is…

Watch White Liberalism in HD: Bill Maher Exploits Police Killing Black People to Score Political Points for Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton cares more about police officers getting away with killing black people than Donald Trump does, according to Real Time host Bill Maher. And on his HBO show Friday night, Maher exploited the brutal slayings of Terence Crutcher and Walter Scott in an effort to get Cornel West to agree with him.