NFL Owners Will Be Deposed, Asked to Turn Over Cellphone Records and Emails in Colin Kaepernick Collusion CaseĀ 

Well, well, well. Things just got deliciously messy over at the NFL. It seems that if there was ever anything lurking in the dark underbelly of the organization (and I know we all believe that there is; itā€™s just a matter of details at this point), it will soon be exposed. According to news reports, multiple NFLā€¦

Dancing Ray Lewis Needs to Keep Dancing and Stay Off Colin Kaepernickā€™s Girlfriendā€™s TimelineĀ 

There was a time in the not-so-distant past that black men who told on slaves who tried to escape slavery earned themselves some extra comforts from their master. Maybe they got an extra pig foot at dinner. Maybe they got an actual bed to sleep in that night, or maybe they got an extra-long rub on the top of theirā€¦

Washed-Up Confederate-Flag Waver Who Stole Black Music Says ā€˜Fuck Colin Kaepernickā€™

You know how sometimes you forget a personā€™s name even though you can see his or her face in your mindā€™s eye? How you can remember everything about the person, except his or her name? Thatā€™s the exact state of mental purgatory in which I find myself as I write this. Iā€™m sure itā€™ll come to me before this article isā€¦

Shannon Sharpe to Fox Sportsā€™ Clay Travis: ā€˜I Donā€™t F--k With You. Donā€™t Make Me Lose My Jobā€™

So those on the right have this thing where they say completely triggering comments that would have a triggering effect on any sane, rational, thinking human person with compassion and empathy, only so that they can say ā€œtriggeredā€ after youā€™ve gone there. Itā€™s a game for them.