Tougaloo College Receives Grant to Finally Tell Story of Civil Rights Hero Fannie Lou Hamer

Of all the stories from the civil rights era, perhaps the most extraordinary and least told tale is that of the icon and freedom fighter Fannie Lou Hamer. An upcoming documentary will finally tell Hamer’s stirring story in her own words, thanks to a historic grant by the Kellogg Foundation to Mississippi’s Tougaloo

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus Will Honor Recy Taylor During Trump’s State of the Union

On Sept. 3, 1944, 24-year-old Recy Taylor and two friends were on their way home from a late-night church service in Abbeville, Ala., when a group of white men abducted and raped her. Taylor refused to stay silent about the assault. Two grand juries refused to bring charges against her attackers. Taylor, who died at

This Video of White People Who Are Sticking by Roy Moore Is the Whitest and Most Insane Thing That Ever Happened This Week

I’m not going to do a minute-by-minute recap of this video. I can’t. You just have to watch it. I’m literally too flabbergasted to do so. And I don’t get flabbergasted often, but this video ... good gotdamn. Watching white folks whitefolkin’ is something we’re all used to by this point, but Meek Mill could not