So Trump is a Traitor. What Difference Does That Make to Black Folks?

Wow! Did you see the season finale of America yesterday? Totally didn’t see that coming. I know there was this whole buildup when that crazy President Trump got elected in 2016, and the storyline kinda got bogged down last season with the whole “find his tax returns” thing, but what a cliff-hanger! I mean who could’ve…

Sage Steele Keeps Sage Steele-ing; Claims Worst Racism She’s Received Is From Blacks 

Sage Steele just won’t stop Sage Steele-ing. That’s right, the ESPN anchor has become a verb because she has insisted on antagonizing black people as one of the loudest voices of respectability politics. For a better look at how Sage Steele became Sage Steele-ing, please see a list of her transgressions below.