A List of Every Stress-Related Illness I’ve Ever Had, Ranked From Horrible to ‘I Think I’m Dying’

When you don’t listen to your body, your body has a way of forcing you to listen. Or at least that’s what my body does, over and over again, from annoying to terrifying effect. When you suffer from stress-induced anxiety, as I do and have since I was a child, you get a host of stress-related illnesses to go with it.

Watch: Jenifer Lewis, the Undisputed ‘Mother of Black Hollywood,’ Tackles Mental Health Head-On

Mental health is a hefty topic of conversation, and oftentimes in the black community, it’s something that’s swept under the rug or prayed away. Living legend Jenifer Lewis says there is no shame in taking care of your mental health. Lewis has bipolar disorder, and in her new book, The Mother of Black Hollywood, she…

Started From the Blog, Now We’re Here: The Black Snob’s Danielle Belton Triumphs Over Mental Illness

We’re living in a DIY culture, and there’s no one more DIY than bloggers. Blogging is a means of communication, self-expression, culture, news and so much more. And the people who create blogs are typically ridiculously talented and effortlessly wear the responsibility of being a voice for their culture.