Runway to On the Run II: The Carters Hit the States and We Run Down Bey's Tour Looks to Date

It’s the last #WomanCrushWednesday in July, and Beyoncé—and her husband—kick off the American leg of her On The Run II (OTRII) tour tonight in Cleveland, Ohio. Since we know many of our American readers have been clutching their tickets in breathless anticipation since the tour kicked off last month in Europe, we

As Usual, Beyoncé Is Living Her Best Life While We Contemplate Her Fertility on This 4th of July

While you were wondering which auntie would be bringing the potato salad to the Fourth of July cookout this year (or whether you would be celebrating this MAGA-ass holiday at all), Bey and Jay were taking a break from the European leg of their On the Run II tour to dip to Cannes, France, for a little family vacay—no

BeyoncĂ© and Jay-Z Are Going to Every Damn Mid-Atlantic and Rust Belt City Except Pittsburgh, and My Feelings Aren’t Hurt at All!

The (almost) billionaire parents of Blue Ivy will be on tour again this summer. Which I guess is good news for the people who live in the cities that this tour will stop in. Good for you for living in those cities, people who live in those cities! I am happy for you, and the exclamation point at the end of this