Watch: Boxer Adrien Broner Continues Quest to Become Undisputed Champion of Assholes

Adrien Broner was once a promising boxer with an oversized personality, now he’s just a mid-level boxer and a world-class asshole. The one-time, self-proclaimed heir to the vacancy left when Floyd Mayweather retired has now been banned from Uber for life after he and some friends harassed and terrorized a driver to

Watch: Boxer Adrien Broner Proves Once Again That His Press Conferences Are Better Than His Fights

Four-time world champion boxer Adrien “the Problem” Broner has all the moxie of Floyd Mayweather Jr. but only one-third the talent. Maybe Broner has more of the moxie, who knows. The problem with the Problem is that he focuses entirely too much on cussing out his opponents instead of actually training hard to out-box