An interactive map created in conjunction with the project allows users to see the segregation levels of each city examined in the report, as well as learn about the factors that contributed to it. In Michigan, none of the cities or counties examined are racially integrated. “Detroit’s Black population today stands at about 78 percent, the highest proportion of any city in the United States. In contrast, the metro area, including Detroit, is only 23 percent Black, and 68 percent white, making Detroit the most segregated city in the United States,” the map explains.

“We believe that this is one of the most sophisticated and powerful tools for understanding the nature and extent of racial residential segregation in the United States. Users can go as deep as they want using our tool to understand this problem,” Samir Gambhir, report co-author and head of the institute’s Equity Metrics program, said of the map.

Hialeah City, Fla ranks behind Detroit as the country’s second most segregated city, with Newark, N.J., Chicago and Milwaukee rounding out the top five.