Sticky-Fingered Man Holds Pasadena, Calif., Restaurant Employees at Gunpoint Over Some Fried Chicken

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All chicken joints in the Southern California area better board up their doors and windows because there is an actual crazy man at large holding people at gunpoint...


...for some fucking fried chicken and waffles.

According to ABC7, a maskless man walked into a Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles in Pasadena, Calif., and was denied service for violating the store’s policy around mask-wearing. Downright distraught, he ran out, but later returned through the back doors of the restaurant with a gun, demanding that the kitchen give him all of the chicken and waffles that they had.

Not the cash in the register at the front, which he passed as he hastily grabbed packets of syrup before running out the front door, but food. Obviously, he’s fine, fitting in the stereotype that Black folk can’t control themselves around fried chicken?

But oh, the irony. Surveillance was able to catch his face on camera because he still wasn’t wearing a mask after he decided to return wearing a strap.

I cannot figure out why he had the audacity to go back to the restaurant where service wasn’t even fully denied, just postponed, all because he thought he was exempt from doing what everyone else has been doing since the beginning of this global panorama.

Clearly, there was no rational thinking behind this course of action and the inevitable price behind it since nothing on the Roscoe’s menu costs more than thirty-dollars. Apparently being on the run is only a small price to pay for some goddamn chicken.


“I understand our chicken is good, but, I mean, that’s some expensive chicken he’s got there,” Robert Gonzalez, the cook who was held at gunpoint by the chicken thief, told ABC7.

Gonzalez told CBS Los Angeles that the man grabbed the already prepared take-out orders sitting on the counter because he didn’t think to bring his own bag to carry said chicken in.


The chicken thief is still at large, greasy fingered and probably covered in syrup, and the police are still looking for him in the Pasadena area. None of the staff at the restaurant was harmed and everyone is safe now, but Los Angeles area chicken spots should absolutely stay on their toes.

Have a look at the surveillance footage:



I’ve been this hungry! All the women in my family go almost insane when the blood sugar drops too low. So insane that I’ve had to warn new boyfriends: when I say I’m hungry, that means stop everything, swerve the car toward the next exit, take your last dollar or you’d better go rob someone but you’d better handle my situation!

I’ve almost come to blows in Atlanta fast food restaurants after 7 pm. Obviously, I was busy after lunch therefore I haven’t eaten in 7 hours! When I get to the counter and give you my order, don’t do that ole Southern bullshit of reminding me of my curt directness by slowly drawling, ”Ma’am?” Cuz you HEARD me, now get to getting my food and nobody will get cussed out or hurt!

This ain’t no bad man! He’s a thief but he didn’t take any more than he absolutely needed (including the syrup they always forget) and he didn’t shoot anyone. Come on!