U2 and Ed Sheeran canceled separate concerts Saturday night in St. Louis, saying that police could not provide enough officers as a security detail for the concert. NPR reports that the St. Louis Symphony also canceled Friday and Saturday performances of Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets—in Concert, also citing safety concerns.

On Friday, Smith’s mother went to the site of the deadly shooting.

“[My son] wasn’t wrong. I felt like the verdict was wrong,” Annie Smith told CNN affiliate KTVI-TV. “The judge made the wrong decision. ... Justice wasn’t served. I [didn’t] get ... justice. I could never be at peace.”


For those who say protests are useless, it should be noted that state and federal authorities did not initially prosecute Stockley, but in the aftermath of the Ferguson, Mo., protests following the police killing of unarmed teen Michael Brown, then-St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce charged Stockley with first-degree murder in May 2016, citing new evidence.

Of course, a trial does not mean conviction.

As per usual, the police get off and taxpayers get to foot the bill for their homicidal negligence: in 2013 the St. Louis police board settled a wrongful death suit with Smith’s survivors for $900,000.


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