Shirley Sherrod Rejects Vilsack's Offer

Shirley Sherrod is not having it. The Agriculture Department official wrongfully terminated last month because of a controversial and edited video has declined to accept an offer to return full-time to the agency. However, she has agreed to work with the agency as a consultant to help it improve its civil rights performance. "It is a new position," she said. "I look at what happened now. I know he has apologized and I accept that. A new process is in place and I hope that it works. … I think I can be helpful to him and the department if I just take a little break and look at how I can be more helpful in the future," Sherrod said. Translation: I can get paid and have additional streams of income, including public speaking. Shirley Sherrod taking the high road is admirable. Sherrod continuing to make the USDA sweat is priceless.

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