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That BBP (Bougie Black People) are in love² with the holy trinity of Black reality television shows (Real Housewives of Atlanta, Basketball Wives, Love and Hip-Hop) is perhaps the BBP’s worst-kept secret. For the uninitiated, each show revolves around a group of extremely well-coiffed 25-to-45-year-old women who have weekly water-throwing battles to help stay in shape. At first glance, this doesn’t seem like the type of fare the image-conscious BBP would enjoy. But, while most of the women on these shows act and dress like they’re from Mars, there are a few underlying themes many BBP can relate to. Who hasn’t been a concubine for an aging rapper at least once?


Also, BBP relish the opportunity to live vicariously through these characters, as it helps quench the urge to do “hoodrat things” like “fighting on a tiny boat” and “having kids before 30” that grad school and an undying fear of human resource professionals prevented them from doing.

With this appreciation for these shows, it’s no surprise they’re a frequent topic of conversation when BBP communicate with each other. But, while the subject matter is “stupid,” the conversations tend not to be, as you’re likely to hear some of the most lucid theories, arguments, and opinions you’ll ever hear from a BBP. Perhaps they’re not interested in explaining exactly what sequestration means, but give 'em three hours and they’ll be able to write a 2000-word deconstruction unpacking the parallels between John the Baptist and Nene Leakes.


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