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Mitt Romney's had a rough week, from the 47 percent gaffe to the release of his tax returns, but have his foibles made voters more or less willing to trust him? According to polls highlighted by Washington Post columnist Colbert I. King, Republicans said in the early days of the presidential primary that they'd trust his opponent Rick Santorum rather than Romney if they had to choose between the two. Ultimately, Romney's game is to tell everyone what they'd like to hear.

In March, U.S. News & World Report published a poll, conducted by Craigslist and IBOPE Zogby, that asked Republican voters whom they would trust more when buying a used car: Rick Santorum or Mitt Romney?

Of the 660 adults surveyed, U.S. News reported, six out of 10 Republicans said they trusted Santorum enough to buy a used car from him, while fewer than half said they would buy one from Romney.

The trust gap was higher among women. Nearly seven in 10 Republican women said they would buy a used car from Santorum. Fewer than half said the same for Romney.

Style alone does not account for Romney's low score. His well-documented record of flip-flops on issues adds to the public's distrust.


Read Colbert I. King's entire piece at the Washington Post.

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