Please, No Reality Show for a Man With 22 Kids by 14 Women

Screenshot of Orlando Shaw from an interview with a local TV affiliate in Nashville, Tenn. (WTFV)
Screenshot of Orlando Shaw from an interview with a local TV affiliate in Nashville, Tenn. (WTFV)

As someone committed to the black family, Nick Chiles writes in a blog post at MyBrownBaby that he was stunned into silence when he learned that the ignominious accomplishments of 33-year-old Orlando Shaw — fathering 22 children by 14 women — might be rewarded with a reality show.

First we got tortured by the travails of rapper Shawty Lo and his stable of baby mamas, now we stumble across this headline out of Tennessee: "Deadbeat Dad With 22 Kids By 14 Women May Get Reality TV Show."

So says the headline on News One, about a man named Orlando Shaw, 33, whose baby-making prowess is profiled and mocked in a report from the local television affiliate in Nashville.

After watching the television report on this guy, I was shocked into silence. The level of irresponsibility spilling from his lips is stunning and profoundly sad. But while the exploits of Mr. Shaw might make for some local amusement on Nashville television, or might provide a chuckle for the people who passed his story around on their social media outlets, is it really necessary to subject the entire nation — and our children — to the ridiculousness of this clown in the guise of a reality show?

Really? We’re back here?

Of course, as you might recall, we’ve already been down this road with Shawty Lo. Back in January, after an online petition drive collected tens of thousands of signatures, the Oxygen network officially announced it had cancelled Shawty Lo’s All My Babies’ Mamas, a reality show that was to chronicle the relationship between the rapper and the 10 mothers of his 11 children.


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