Interestingly enough, while the portrait depicted in the illustration represents Popo and her mother, Newsweek reports that it’s based on a photo of Popo’s mother and sister that hangs in their family room.


“I think it was just a chance to thank her for all she’d done,” Popo told Google about her inspiration, which came after suffering months of what she called “massive art block” during her senior year of high school, Newsweek reports. “Sometimes I think of the cost of raising a child all the way to adulthood and since I know I can’t instantly pay my mom back hundreds of thousands of dollars, I can [at] least pay her back in a sincere doodle,” she added.

A recent graduate of Arabia Mountain High School, Popo was one of two valedictorians in her graduating class. Her Google Doodle won her a $50,000 technology package for her alma mater as well as a $30,000 scholarship to assist in her studies when she enrolls at the University of Southern California in the fall, where she plans to study graphic design with the eventual hope of producing graphic novels and comics. Popo will also be granted a trip to Google’s headquarters in California.