NEWS STAND: Obama's New Spy Chief, Soccer Stampede, Suspect Porn Star Dies, and more.

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Clap On, Clap Off: Fight ahead for Obama's intelligence chief choice Clapper
President Obama is going to have to fight for his intelligence chief. Tell us something we don't know. James R. Clapper, the man whom President Obama calls "eminently qualified," is under attack by Republicans for being the right man for the wrong job. Huh? Clapper, a Vietnam Veteran and retired Air Force lieutenant general once directed the Defense Intelligence Agency, which works closely with the CIA. Clapper had the nerve to stand up to Donald Rumsfeld on the extent of power the Director of National Intelligence should have. Going against Rumsfeld cost him his job, and may cost him this nomination. We're all for any man willing to stand up for what he believes and to Donald Rumsfeld.

Twister Topples Toledo: Ohio tornado kills 7, wrecks cop cars, graduation
A tornado swept through Northern Ohio, leveling dozens of homes, an emergency services building and a high school building hours before graduation. Seven people were killed by the twister, one of whom was the father of the class valedictorian at the high school whose roof was ripped off. Their house was also destroyed by the tornado. The storm knocked out emergency services for a short time, and all of the emergency dispatchers and 911 operators had to be moved to a nearby town. There are no words.


Swordplay: Porn Actor Wanted for Murder Dies in Hillside Fall,0,2182537.story
From the "Please Don't Let it be a Black Man File," porn actor Steve Driver (government name Stephen Clancy Hill) jumped 40 feet to his death after a standoff with police. Hill was wanted on one count of murder and five counts of attempted murder for a slashing attack with a sword at the Ultima DVD Company's warehouse near Van Nuys Airport. Hill killed an employee with a sword after learning that he would have to move out of the production space that he was renting.  Hill jumped to his death after being hit with a non-lethal weapon by police. We think moving out would have been the better choice.

Drama Free?: World Cup fans stampede stadium gates
The World Cup hasn't officially started but the drama certainly has. Thousands of soccer fans stampeded the gates outside of the Makhulong Stadium Sunday before a World Cup warm-up match between Nigeria and North Korea. Several people, including a police officer, were injured as crowds swelled and pushed to get into the match. The melée is blamed on FIFA issuing free tickets to the event. It just goes to show that free doesn't always mean drama free.