President Obama will sign the National Prayer Day proclamation today, but he will not hold prayer in the White House.  Well, he may pray privately, but that's his business.

We all know this country is full of Christians and prayer means everything to them. We all know former presidents Bush and Reagon put the Christian right at the center of Republican politics. However, we seem to ignore there are Muslims, Buddhists, meditationists, and all-around wonderful people who believe in nothing and participate proudly in this country. I know some of us are concerned Obama's decision to not hold any prayer events at the White House is a step toward a socialist, atheist way of life and the end of the Christian world as we know it.  [I'm kidding! Well, maybe some of you think that.]  I'm just happy our president decided his workload was too crazy to take time and appeal only to Christian America.

What are your thoughts?

Keith Josef Adkins is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter and social commentator.