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Mother’s Day is right around the corner. To make sure you get your mother the perfect gift, we’ve got ideas for every type of mom, whether she likes to dress up, work out or get some culture—or just needs a little pampering.

1. The Overworked Mom

The overworked mom needs a little TLC every now and then. We suggest booking one of these treats and footing the bill: a spa day, manicure and pedicure, night at an exclusive hotel, mini-getaway, house-cleaning service or private chef.

2. The Tech-Savvy Mom (or the Mom Who Needs a Serious Tech Upgrade)


If your mother is tech-savvy, upgrade her this Mother’s Day with a new laptop, smartphone, instant mobile printer or headphones.

3. The Bookworm


For the mom who is always curled up with a book, we suggest getting her a gift card to her favorite bookstore, a magazine subscription, a new coffee mug or a journal.

4. The Fashionista


Is your mom stylin’ on them every day? Help update her wardrobe by taking her shopping at her favorite store, buying her a Birchbox subscription or picking up a pair of tickets to Fashion Week. You can never go wrong with a new perfume, purse or wallet; a pair of sunglasses; or even wooden hangers to display her fashionable goods.

5. The Artiste


For the mom with artistic flair, a membership to her favorite museum or theater should do the trick. Or try an art class, gallery membership, tickets to a live performance, a new digital camera or gifts from her favorite museum.

6. The Gardener


If your mom has a green thumb, try a mini seed garden, a lawn ornament, a collection of gardening tools, pretty pots, or a fashionable apron and gloves.

7. The Traditionalist


You won’t go wrong with breakfast in bed, flowers and candy. To spice it up, also send your mother some jewelry.

8. The Athlete


For a mom on the athletic side, gift her a season of dance, fitness or yoga classes. She may also enjoy new workout gear or just a simple hike around a local park.

9. The Chef


A new cookbook and kitchenware are perfect gifts for a mom who loves to cook. If you’re real fancy, sign her up for some private cooking lessons.

10. The Cultured Mom


For the mother with refined taste, gifts related to the theater, independent films and travel are best. Consider buying her tickets to a popular play, get her a subscription to a wine service or foot the bill for a vacation.

Bonus: Grandma


Have a little fun with gifts for your grandmother. Send her a nice Edible Arrangement basket, frozen treats or some new crafts.