Mind Your Business: Queen Latifah's Sexuality

Queen Latifah and rumored partner Jeanette Jenkins
Queen Latifah and rumored partner Jeanette Jenkins

Fresh from our "Stay out of grown folks' business" file, a photo of actress and singer Queen Latifah with her alleged girlfriend, personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins, has surfaced on the Web. The two were canoodling on a yacht while celebrating the nuptials of Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz. The Internet is buzzing again with questions surrounding Queen Latifah's sexuality. Comments liken her to the iconic character of Cleo that she played brilliantly in Set It Off or casually state that she should "come out" already. Really. That's easier said than done, and it might impact her income, based on the types of roles she could play in Hollywood. The real issue is that it's nobody's business. She may want to actually keep her private life, uh, private. It is not for the public to determine if and when Dana Owens will come out and to whom she will come out. In our best fifth-grade voice, with our hands planted firmly on our hips-to-be, "Mind your business."


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—Nsenga K. Burton

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