Mariah Huq (BravoTV)

Married to Medicine star Mariah Huq writes:

Every woman I know would love to have it all. All as in: a supporting spouse, loving kids and a thriving career. Many of us actually obtain each and every one of the aforementioned; however, once we get it, we struggle to keep it. Balancing home and business is very challenging because no matter how hard you try, something is neglected or doesn’t get the required attention.

As a proud mother of two elementary aged kids, wife of a hardworking physician and a top executive at two booming companies, balancing my life has become an art! It took several years for me to perfect the craft, but I think prioritizing has been the key for me. No matter what project I take on, I make a conscious decision to put my family first. My husband and children are my backbone, and when they are content and well, I can focus my energy elsewhere.

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