First daughter Malia Obama arrives at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland on June 15, 2012, for a flight to Chicago. 

Usually a teenager’s first summer job entails flipping burgers at a fast-food joint or folding clothes at H&M, but for soon-to-be-16 Malia Obama, it’s off to Hollywood, according to a report by TheWrap.

Malia, an aspiring filmmaker and a fan of HBO’s Girls, was spotted last week working as a production assistant for a day in Los Angeles on the set of Halle Berry’s sci-fi TV show, Extant, premiering on CBS July 9 and produced by Steven Spielberg, according to TheWrap. The president’s older daughter “helped with computer shop alignments, and the director also let her slate a take,” said a set insider, TheWrap reported. The insider told the site that the rising high school junior chuckled, saying, “My first time. This is a big deal,” according to TheWrap.

In the series, Berry will play an astronaut who returns home from a yearlong solo mission in space and tries to reconnect with her family. Her experiences in space and home lead to events that alter the course of human history.

It was unknown when Malia flew to California or how long she will stay. Her semester at the exclusive Sidwell Friends private school in Washington, D.C., ended in mid-June. 

The president and first lady flew west to spend the weekend with Malia in Palm Springs. Their younger daughter, 13-year-old Sasha, wasn’t present, reported New York’s Daily News. The president was in Southern California to deliver the commencement address at the University of California, Irvine, on Saturday.


It most certainly pays to have a well-connected dad.

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