MAGA Mom's Kids Keep Doing Racist Things

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An Arizona mother is once again in front of television cameras challenging the local school district after one of her children wound up in the middle of a racism controversy for the second year in a row. But even though Jennifer Farris’ kids keep causing race controversies that almost get them kicked out of school, it doesn’t mean they’re racist, trust me. As a matter of fact, it’s wrong to insinuate that people are bigots just because they like to wear Donald Trump gear (the official outfitter of racist wypipo) and scream the n-word at dance parties celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination.


Yep, you’re the real racist.

So there.

While this may be the first recorded incident of a black man using the phrase, “so there,” this story is really about Jennifer Farris of Gilbert, Ariz. Recently, Farris released a video she recorded after confronting the principal of Perry High School, who asked Farris’ daughter and eight other students wearing Donald Trump paraphernalia to leave campus, News 12 reports.

The students were reportedly posing for pictures after school in their Donald Trump gear while holding a Donald Trump flag. According to the Arizona Republic, principal Dan Serrano said in a letter to parents that the students refused the school’s resource officer’s demand for them to leave campus. They also wouldn’t give the principal their names and student IDs. A district spokesperson later said the students were only told to put away the flag when it caused a verbal altercation.


Still, Farris took to social media and said that the school’s “principle” needed to be fired (and then changed her mind). She even organized a protest where nearly a dozen people dressed in cowboy boots and MAGA uniforms protested the school’s “disrespect” for students’ First Amendment rights. Republicans in the state legislature even asked the attorney general to investigate the incident.

Not the racist part. Just the part about the MAGA kids getting kicked off campus after school.


This is not the first time Farris’ progeny have been in the middle of a race controversy with the Chandler Unified Schools. According to the Republic, last year another one of Farris’ children was embroiled in accusations of racism after a Snapchat video surfaced of junior high school students chanting “fuck niggers” as they shimmied off-beat to a song celebrating the death of Martin Luther King Jr...On MLK Farris’ house.

At the time, the school chose not to discipline the children because Farris and other parents argued that the event took place off campus. Farris acknowledges that the event took place at her home but says she wasn’t home when her kids invited the other kids over. She also asserts that her kids weren’t in the video saying the n-word...just their her house.


See? I told you they weren’t racist.

And neither is Farris.

She’s just a normal, hard-working Trump supporter whose kids just happen to do racist shit. A lot of racist shit. But it’s not their fault, Farris said it’s the media’s fault. You know how the media twists things.


Just because someone chooses to dress up in the official uniform of the most famous racist in the world doesn’t mean they should be considered a racist. Just because a kid spouts the vilest, most obscene, hateful racial slur while joyously frolicking in the assassination of someone who literally practiced peace and love doesn’t make them a hateful bigot.

And just because this all happened in the same family, you shouldn’t think of them in such a negative light.


Jennifer Farris might simply be raising a set of gifted bigots. She might have a Nazi version of Venus and Serena. Maybe she’s like Joe Jackson and she’s raising a set of prodigies called the Klansmen Five. Perhaps Jennifer Farris isn’t a racist...

Maybe she just plays one on TV.

So, there.

World-renowned wypipologist. Getter and doer of "it." Never reneged, never will. Last real negus alive.


Not Enough Day Drinking

the students refused the school’s resource officer’s demand for them to leave campus.

I can only assume they were body slammed, tasered, and then arrested for failing to comply.

She’s just a normal, hard-working Trump supporter whose kids just happen to do racist shit.

Can’t be working that hard if she has all that free to time harass the principle, organize ‘protests,’ and host Hitler youth parties.