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Solange Knowles


Solange Knowles


Sector:ARTS/CULTUREAge: 36New Orleans
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Aside from having impressively honeyed vocals and a breakthrough catalog, Solange continues to uplift Black artistry through the opportunities she seizes. This year, the award-winning songstress made history by becoming the first Black woman to have an original score commissioned by the New York City Ballet. Her jazz-inspired composition “Villanelle for Times” accompanied “Play Time” from choreographer Gianna Reisen. Of course, Solange has always worked with art institutions to elevate her sonic endeavors. Back in 2017, she held her “A Seat at the Table” showcase at the Guggenheim Museum. In 2020, Solange made a stop at Sydney Opera House and the Kennedy Center for her “Orion’s Rise” tour. She has also staged performances at the Getty Museum and the Elbphilharmonie in Germany. “Villanella for Times” not only captivated audiences, but made her mother Tina Knowles very proud. On Instagram, mom wrote: ““I am beyond proud of Solange ! She is always kicking down doors and opening doors for other artists of color!”

80 / 100