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Letitia James


Letitia James

Attorney General

Sector:POLITICSAge: 64New York City
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In 2022, Letitia James was roundly re-elected Attorney General of New York--a stunning vote of confidence after becoming the first African-American and first woman to be elected to the position in 2018. This was also the year that her name became known around the nation. Let's begin with May. After the Tops Supermarket shooting in Buffalo that left ten African Americans dead, James launched an investigation into the role social media companies played in the shooting by broaching the subject of whether the shooter used these forums to discuss his plan to shoot Black people. James also took on wannabe-titan Donald Trump by investigating the former president’s real estate development company for potential civil infractions--including overstated asset values--to obtain favorable loans and tax breaks. Trump’s attorneys have tried to avoid the investigation by offering James a settlement, but she has continually said “nope” to their offers. James eventually filed a civil fraud suit against Trump and his kids to cap off a three-year investigation of the Trump Organization.

23 / 100