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Kamala Harris


Kamala Harris

Vice President

Sector:POLITICSAge: 58Washington, DC
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During her second year as Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris was more active than ever. To wit: Arguably the most pressing issue of 2022 that continues to affect women across the country was the fall of Roe v. Wade. In her role as the leading voice in the Biden administration on abortion rights, VP Harris continues to use her platform to advocate for reproductive justice. The Howard University alum also unveiled a White House plan to improve global water security. VP Harris said the US is committed to improving the access that citizens have to safe water and sanitation services all over the world. And the Vice President laid out plans to reach the goal of replacing all lead pipes in the United States over the next decade. As quiet as it's kept, reproductive justice and environmental security are issues of deep concern to Black Americans, because we are typically the most impacted. Vice President Harris knows this, and continues to fight for us on this and many other fronts.

9 / 100