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Jon Batiste


Jon Batiste


Sector:ENTERTAINMENTAge: 36Brooklyn NY
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Just when music fans think they’ve heard every type of music genre imaginable, someone breaks through and offers something fresh and new into the mainstream. For the last two years that person has been Jon Batiste, and as a result, he was met with widespread success and acclaim. In 2021, he dropped one of the best albums of the year, WE ARE, which he described as “a culmination of my life to this point.” Nearly a year later, Batiste won Album of the Year at the 2022 Grammys for WE ARE. Batiste also won Grammys for Best Music Video, Best American Roots Performance, Best American Roots Song and Best Score Soundtrack For Visual Media. With the Louisiana singer’s music career reaching new heights, Batiste thought it best to leave his gig on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to focus on what's next. We don’t know what's next for him along this journey, we just hope it includes more creative and alluring music for fans to enjoy.

28 / 100