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Janeese Lewis George


Janeese Lewis George


Sector:POLITICSAge: 34Washington, DC
twitter outline7.7K

Many have counted out this unapologetic progressive during her short political career, but Council Member Janeese Lewis George always rises to the occasion. It’s no wonder, then, that this political superstar made her way onto the Root 100 list. Lewis George emerged on the scene in the 2020 election with a campaign promise to defund the D.C. police force and re-direct funds to desperately needed services for the city’s underserved populations. Many doubted that she could win in the economically and racially diverse community of Ward 4 DC, but she pulled out a victory anyway. Today, she serves her community with a hands-on approach to politics. If there’s a protest over police violence, Lewis George is there. If there is an unhoused person who needs support, Lewis George never fails to show-up in person for her community members. For the unwavering support she’s provided to her constituents, and her commitment to her political beliefs, Lewis George has more than solidified her spot on The Root 100 list.

55 / 100