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Imani Barbarin


Imani Barbarin


Sector:ACTIVISM/JUSTICEAge: 32Thorndale, PA
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While people may have their credible beef with social media, the one thing you can’t deny is its ability to amplify voices and perspectives that arguably need to be heard the most. Such is the case with disability rights and inclusion activist Imani Barbarin who’s been using her platform on TikTok (she’s known as Crutches and Spice for those who aren’t aware) to share knowledge on the ills of our society when it comes to how we treat those in the disability community and the lack of resources and representation those in that community face on a daily basis. Through her engaging videos, informative articles, and by spearheading the hashtag #MyDisabledLifeIsWorthy, Barbarin provides necessary analysis and explanation through the lens of her community (she has cerebral palsy). As a result, she’s gained a massive following of folks who want to know how to better show up and do better for our friends in the disability community and beyond.

47 / 100