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George M. Johnson


George M. Johnson


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George M. Johnson captured the nation’s attention and our hearts at The Root with their debut memoir, All Boys Aren’t Blue. In a series of personal essays aimed at a young-adult audience, Johnson describes growing up as a queer Black person in New Jersey and Virginia. For the book and their commitment to telling stories from diverse perspectives, Johnson landed a coveted spot on this year's TIME 100 Next list. Johnson told NPR in a 2020 interview that they were inspired to write All Boys Aren’t Blue by author Toni Morrison, who once famously said, "If there's a book you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it." Johnson told NPR that they had that precise saying tattooed on their right arm. The book went on to receive several awards and accolades, including Goodreads Choice Award for Memoir and Autobiography. But as with so many good works these days, the book has also received harsh scrutiny and backlash from the right. In 2022 All Boys Aren’t Blue nearly topped the list of the most banned books in the United States. But they remain undeterred. In fact, the controversy has propelled them even further into the public eye as a staunch advocate for literary freedom.

31 / 100