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Stephen Satterfield
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Stephen Satterfield

Chef, sommelier, food writer

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Stephen Satterfield takes us on an emotional journey through the history of African-American cuisine as the host of the Netflix docuseries, "High on the Hog: How African-American Cuisine Transformed America."

Like much of American history, African-Americans' contributions to the culinary arts have been erased, whitewashed or completely forgotten. But Netflix's four-part docuseries "High on the Hog: How African-American Cuisine Transformed America" serves as a much-needed corrective. Based on the book of the same name by noted food historian Jessica B. Harris—whose appearance in the first episode alone makes the show required viewing—"High on the Hog" doesn't just explain how African-American cuisine shaped the American palate but how it changed the country itself. At the center of this epic journey is chef, sommelier and food writer Stephen Satterfield. Throughout his career, Satterfield has made a point of explaining how food defines the human experience. In 2016, he founded Whetstone, "a groundbreaking magazine and media company dedicated to food origins and culture from around the world." In "High on the Hog," Satterfield traces our epicurean roots from Benin to the Caribbean to the American South and spotlights the resilience and ingenuity of Black chefs throughout history. "I have been working for many years, I think, in trying to get people to think more critically about the radical potential that food possesses from the perspective of our own histories and stories, and I was really happy to have the opportunity to be a part of this food storytelling and so grateful for the way that it as received." he told PIX11. Fortunately for us, Satterfield will continue this journey; Netflix recently announced it has renewed "High on the Hog" for a second season.

14 / 100