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Rachel Robasciotti


Rachel Robasciotti

Founder and CEO of Robasciotti & Philipson and Adasina Social Capital

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Rachel Robasciotti has leveraged wealth management to invest in social justice for the past 17 years, and after the killing of George Floyd, she made headlines for taking a stand against corporations that profit from injustice.

Rachel Robasciotti is a pioneer of social justice investing and has led by example since she founded her progressive investment firm, Robasciotti & Philipson, at the age of 25. She broke barriers as a young Black queer woman in the predominantly white, male, and heteronormative world of finance, but didn't settle for simply being the face of diversity. Robasciotti left promising career paths at MetLife Securities and Prudential Financial to start her own shop with the freedom to prioritize values-based investments. Robasciotti's social justice investing strategy grew into another investment firm under her leadership in 2020: Adasina Social Capital. Inspired by Robasciotti's West African roots, "Adasina" is a Yoruba word that means "she opens the way." The financial activism firm lives up to its name by mobilizing investors to put their financial power behind campaigns focused on economic, racial, gender, and climate change justice. Last year, she told the world which companies she refused to invest in because of their involvement in prisons, surveillance, immigrant detention, for-profit colleges, bail, and occupied territories. Robasciotti's leadership is defunding oppressive systems and steering billions of dollars into creating a more just and ethical future.

59 / 100