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Park Cannon
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Park Cannon

State representative, Georgia House of Representatives

Sector:PoliticsAge: 30Atlanta
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Park Cannon made headlines after being arrested while confronting Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp as he continued his assault on voting rights.

When Black women helped turn Georgia blue in one of the most secure elections in U.S. history, Georgia Republicans quickly drafted a bill that was clearly designed to marginalize the communities who helped make it so. And it was another Black woman who did what she could to call out the co-conspirators who were attempting to suppress the vote. Back in March, Rep. Park Cannon knocked on Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp's door as he livestreamed himself signing the new voter suppression bill into law. She was swiftly arrested by Georgia state troopers for obstruction of law enforcement and disrupting General Assembly sessions. Prosecutors ultimately decided to drop the case against Cannon, because they (like many others) knew that it was ridiculous to arrest her in the first place. Kemp—"a comic book villain of voter suppression"—may have gotten away with pushing through his legislation that only exists to make it harder for Black people to vote, but lawmakers like Park Cannon won't allow the marginalized to be disenfranchised without a fight.

16 / 100