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Black News and Black Views with a Whole Lotta Attitude
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Marc Lamont Hill
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Marc Lamont Hill

Host of “<em>Black News Tonight</em>,” professor, author

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For the past year, Marc Lamont Hill has been schooling conservatives about their incorrect and ill-informed opinions around critical race theory.

Conservatives love to create boogeymen, and this year's scary monster is critical race theory, a topic that has been maligned, incorrectly defined and a source of needless legislation. Enter Marc Lamont Hill. For the past year, the professor of media studies at Temple University has been inviting CRT's most ardent criticsincluding the man who started the whole anti-CRT thing—to come on his show weeknights on the Black News Channel, where he destroys their ill-informed arguments wielding nothing more than facts and a killer smile. The author of six books—including his latest, "We Still Here: Pandemic, Policing, Protest & Possible," an exploration of the resilience and resistance of Black people in 2020—Hill fearlessly speaks truth to power, whether defending the rights of Palestinians (which cost him his CNN gig in 2018) or advocating for the end of Black oppression and white supremacy, something he's done most of his life. Ever the professor, Hill always has time for a teachable moment—even from his sickbed. After recently suffering a mild heart attack, he called out those spewing misinformation about the COVID vaccine: "I'm seeing videos and tweets from anti-vaxxers saying that I developed blood clots from the vaccine. This is ridiculous and completely baseless," he tweeted. "For some, it is a cynical and dishonest claim. For others, it's a lack of understanding of how medicine and science work." Class dismissed.

8 / 100