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Laura Kupe


Laura Kupe

Senior Adviser to the deputy U.S. secretary of defense

Sector:PoliticsAge: 33Washington, D.C.
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Laura Kupe's appointment to America's defense department was the culmination of years of effort to ensure Black voices are heard in important spaces, especially in matters of national security.

Breaking barriers is what Laura Kupe does. As an attorney, public speaker and an expert in national security and foreign policy, Kupe has spent years working to pave the way for more inclusive representation in largely white-dominated spaces while also working to keep our nation safe. Kupe credits her upbringing in Luxembourg with her Congolese parents in helping her learn about the interconnectedness of the world, including the global ills that needed to be addressed. As she got older, Kupe used her experiences and her passion for social justice to speak out on issues, while also advocating for people of color to have a voice in matters of policy that shape America's actions both stateside and globally. Earlier this year, she joined the U.S. Department of Defense as a senior adviser to the deputy secretary of defense, where she will no doubt continue to be a beacon of inspiration for those seeking access to the rarefied space of national security.

97 / 100