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Joanna Smith


Joanna Smith

CEO of AllHere Education

Sector:BusinessAge: 29Boston
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After the COVID-19 pandemic forced schools to move online, Joanna Smith's company continued its mission of tackling truancy thanks to her quick thinking.

Adapting to change is a key part of survival in both everyday life and in the business world. Joanna Smith knows this. It's why her company, AllHere Education, was able to grow and expand as the COVID-19 pandemic put restraints on just about everything you can think of. AllHere works with schools to find solutions for chronic truancy—an issue that has plagued schools for years and was aggravated when the pandemic forced schools to move online. Smith and AllHere stepped up to the challenge by developing an AI-powered chatbot system that works with parents and teachers to reduce truancy, as well as providing resources to healthcare and academic assistance for students. According to Forbes, Smith's ability to adapt not only increased AllHere's client base to 2,000 schools in 15 states, but it also earned her a spot on the magazine's 2021 30 Under 30 list for education.

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