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Elizabeth Davis


Elizabeth Davis

Product manager, Facebook

Sector:STEMAge: 25Redwood City, Calif.

Elizabeth Davis helped develop Facebook's fundraising tool, which has helped scores of businesses stay afloat and provided resources to important social causes.

If you used Facebook's fundraising feature either to set up a fund for your own business, for someone else's or even just to contribute to another ongoing fund, you have Elizabeth Davis to thank for that. The Stanford graduate leads a team that develops new tools for the social media giant's fundraising platform. The business fundraising feature was unveiled last year near the start of the pandemic and has raised millions of dollars for businesses going through economic hardship. She also developed fundraisers to provide relief for people affected by the Australian bushfires and one that raised over $12 million for racial justice organizations as Juneteenth approached. The work that Elizabeth Davis is doing shows that social media platforms can be a force for good.

95 / 100