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Daroneshia Duncan-Boyd


Daroneshia Duncan-Boyd

Executive director of Trans United

Sector:CommunityAge: 38Birmingham, Ala.
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As executive director of Trans United, Daroneshia Duncan-Boyd is a beacon of hope for trans women of color living in southern states and beyond.

When Republican lawmakers did everything they could to try and pass legislation that would harm the LGBTQ+ community, Trans United executive director Daroneshia Duncan-Boyd didn't sit by idly. She took to the streets by organizing protests and acting as a voice for the voiceless, while educating the rest of us about the realities trans women of color face in this country daily. Described as an "unapologetic, brilliant black transwoman" with a passion for her community, Duncan-Boyd founded the advocacy organization Transgender Advocate Knowledgeable Empowering (TAKE) to help trans women of color access necessary social and economic services—including during the pandemic. Taking on the challenge of advocating for trans rights down in the Southern states–where high levels of violence against trans women are routinely reported–is a tough job. But as she told the Birmingham News, "If we keep running away from the South, the folks will keep winning, but if we stay in the South, they will eventually lose."

78 / 100