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Chazz Sims


Chazz Sims

Co-founder of Wise Systems

Sector:BusinessAge: 29Cambridge, Mass.
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Chazz Sims' logistics company helped keep some of America's major companies moving when the COVID-19 pandemic forced everyone to slow down.

Logistical work is mostly a behind-the-scenes enterprise. Those outside of the industry might not be aware of how much goes into making sure your package arrives on time, or quickly adjusting when traffic or equipment-related issues create obstacles for grocery store food shipments. As a co-founder of logistics company Wise Systems, Chazz Sims knows this all too well. The software created by Wise Systems uses artificial intelligence to help companies operate at peak efficiency when making deliveries, while also working to give the environment a break by reducing mileage and the carbon footprint. Forbes named Sims to its 30 Under 30 list in 2021 because of Wise's impact during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing necessary assistance for companies like Anheuser-Busch and Lyft to keep running in the face of economic adversity.

98 / 100