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Aicha Davis
Aicha Davis for Texas SBOE/Facebook


Aicha Davis

Member of the Texas State Board of Education

Sector:PoliticsAge: 40Dallas
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Aicha Davis used her political power to get an elective, statewide African-American studies course for high school students in Texas.

While Republican lawmakers in Texas and elsewhere around the country were clutching their pearls at the mere thought of the phrase "critical race theory" being uttered in schools, Dallas-based education advocate Aicha Davis was busy working to ensure her state's schools are inclusive to all. Davis, a member of the state's board of education, was a key figure behind getting a statewide course in African American studies approved as an elective for high school students in 2020. This year, she was a vocal champion for CROWN Act legislation to be adopted in the Lone Star State, which if enacted would prohibit natural hair descimination in schools and the workplace. The bill ultimately died in Texas' House of Representatives back in May, but its proponents say they're not done fighting for their cause. It's that kind of determination that makes people like Davis valuable voices for people who may not have had their voices heard before.

86 / 100