La. Sheriff Calls for Boycott of Ford Dealership Because the Company Advertises With the NFL

Members of the Detroit Lions take a knee during the playing of the national anthem prior to the start of the game against the Atlanta Falcons at Ford Field on Sept. 24, 2017, in Detroit. (Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)

The sheriff of Bossier Parish, La., has decided to boycott his local Ford dealership because he doesn’t like that the automaker advertises with the NFL while players continue their protests against police brutality and black oppression.

Like the protests have anything to do with Ford and how it gets its ads out there.


Like everyone has a problem with free speech.

According to CNBC, Sheriff Julian Whittington has told his local Ford dealership that his department will stop buying Ford police vehicles as long as the automaker continues its advertising with the NFL.

“Yes, the NFL players have a right to protest as they deem necessary, but we, the Bossier Sheriff’s Office and taxpayers of Bossier Parish have a right to spend our money elsewhere,” Whittington wrote in a letter to Hixon Ford in Alexandria, La.

Y’all really don’t think you represent black people, do you?

As the report indicates, the sheriff’s office in Bossier Parish spent some $346,519 buying 14 Ford police vehicles from Hixon Ford last year. The year before, the department shelled out $400,612 buying 15 Ford vehicles.


Ford began partnering with the NFL earlier this year, and last year, Ford Trucks signed a three-year sponsorship deal with the league, CNBC notes.

Bill Ford, the chairman of the automaker, is also notably the vice chairman of the Detroit Lions, which have been owned by the Ford family for years. And since the protest blew up last month, with naysayers attempting to warp the players’ protest into something it is not (again, this is about black oppression, not the flag or the military), Ford has come out saying that it respects the rights of individuals to express their views.


However, Whittington insists on holding to the myth that the protest is about the flag and the armed forces, and cited that as his reason for his stance, even though again, in reality, the protest is about black oppression and police brutality.

“Ford has been a part of American history, and has stood for American values. However, the recent events surrounding the NFL, its players and their audacity to thumb their collective noses at the American Flag, the American military as well as their obvious disdain for the profession of law enforcement in general; forces me to take a stand,” he wrote.


Read more at CNBC.

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