Is Romney Considering Condoleezza Rice for VP?

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Although she has previously said "There is no way I will do this" and has at least one quality that could be considered disqualifying (she has called herself "mildly pro-choice"), Condoleezza Rice is the latest name to emerge as a possible GOP vice presidential candidate, the Daily News reports via a buzz from the Drudge Report.

The Drudge Report stirred up the latest buzz Thursday night by reporting that Romney is seriously considering Rice as a potential running mate.

Drudge noted that Rice spoke at a gathering of top Romney donors in Utah last month, where she received two standing ovations from an adoring crowd. He said she also emailed supporters in recent days that the 2012 elections "loom as one of the most important in my lifetime."

"I'm very often asked to speak about our current foreign policy and the challenges that lie before us," she added. "However, we, as a country, are not going to be able to address any of those international challenges unless we first get our domestic house in order." 

Conservative commentator Bill Kristol also endorsed the buzz around Rice.

"Rice is qualified, would be a poised (if novice) candidate, and would complement Romney in terms of area of expertise, gender (obviously!), and life experience," he wrote on the Weekly Standard website.


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