Indianapolis Police Shoot, Kill 15-Year-Old Suspected of Carjacking

Andre Green

A young man who reportedly carjacked a vehicle and and drove it toward police officers at an increasing speed was shot dead by police Sunday night, IndyStar reports. The Marion County Coroner’s Office has identified the boy as 15-year-old Andre Green.

According to the report, authorities tried to pull over a car full of people that had gone into a dead end just after 11 p.m. Sunday. The car reportedly matched the description of a vehicle that had been carjacked earlier. The suspects in the carjacking reportedly fired shots at witnesses as they drove away in the stolen vehicle.


When officers turned on sirens and tried to make the car stop, Andre, the alleged driver, reportedly tried to make a U-turn as passengers jumped out of the car and ran away. The vehicle then rammed into a police car, hitting the side. The driver reportedly did not obey officers’ orders, remaining inside the vehicle, before turning the car toward officers. A police press release said that the car “narrowly missed” hitting an officer, according to the news site.

Officers reportedly yelled at Andre again, telling him to get out of the vehicle, but he “turned his wheels toward officers and accelerated.” It was then that officers opened fire at the vehicle.


Andre reportedly got out of the car with a gun in his hand before collapsing.

Officers who shot the teen have been placed on paid leave pending an investigation, and authorities have yet to find the other passengers.


According to IndyStar, Lt. Richard Riddle of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department did not think that the police cruisers involved were equipped with dashboard cameras, and officers for the force do not wear body cameras.

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