Tabria Majors Could Earn Her Own Stans With This Epic Remake of Beyoncé's Best Music Videos She Did for Halloween

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I am admittedly a Beyoncé stan, and so hold the artist in very high esteem and consider her talents in singing, dancing, internet-breaking, and general Lemonade-ing to be unmatched.


But Tabria Majors, a model based in LA, came scarily close to matching the performer’s fierceness in the epic remake of classic Beyoncé music videos (and a couple iconic live performances) that she created and starred in for Halloween.

In a slick production that runs a little over 10 minutes, Majors looks, struts, and even dances like Queen Bey, providing a feast for the eyes that is meant to be a tribute to the singer but is also a treat for anyone who watches, in my opinion:

Starting with the classic video and choreography for “Crazy in Love,” Majors brings her best Sasha Fierce, and officially earned me as stan somewhere between her version of memorable dance scenes from the “Single Ladies, “Formation,” and “Already” music videos, and her mind-blowing replication of Beyoncé at Coachella —all with matching outfits and seriously impressive back-up dancers.

What’s even more mind-blowing is that Majors says she is “not a dancer by any means.” But she credited her amazing performance in the video to taking classes with choreographer Kany Diabate, who worked with Beyoncé herself on the Black is King visual album.

“I wanted to apply Beyoncé’s infamous work ethic to this project and see how far I could push myself,” Majors said on Instagram of making the video tribute.


Majors also made sure to shout-out other collaborators who helped her bring the ambitious project to life, including director Matt Alves.

Though filming ourselves dancing and posting it on social media is how many of us have been entertaining ourselves and each other this year, Majors has surpassed the bar with this project—another way in which she is mirroring the woman who inspired it.

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That shit was fire!! She took over for M’onique in exemplifying the beauty of big unapologetic women. She made me tired watching all the choreography that she must have worked her ass off to replicate. Brava Bella, Brava!!!