Homeland Security Officer Indicted for Kicking a Handcuffed Man in the Head

LA Times screenshot
LA Times screenshot

A Department of Homeland Security officer is facing charges after being caught on video kicking a handcuffed man in the head outside a federal building in Pomona, Calif.


The officer, identified as 46-year-old Jason Rouswell—an inspector with the Federal Protective Services—was indicted Thursday on accusations of violating the civil rights of the unidentified man who was handcuffed during the October 2016 incident.

According to the Los Angeles Times, prosecutors claim that Rouswell and another officer detained and cuffed the man outside the Social Security Administration building in Pomona before Rouswell casually walked by the man, kicking him in the face as he went.


Video shows the victim, identified in court papers only as C.S., lying prone on his stomach, apparently compliant before the kick. He reportedly sustained undisclosed injuries because of the strike.

Rouswell is expected to surrender to authorities on July 5. If convicted, he faces up to 10 years in federal prison.

Read more at the Los Angeles Times.

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Just to head off the assholes and trolls who are about crawl into these comments from their stinkholes—just because someone was “acting crazy” in the SSA office does not mean federal officers (or any other officers) have the right to do whatever they want with a person. As everyone with eyes can clearly see the man is subdued, handcuffed, on the ground, in custody, and the officer casually kicks his head hard enough his head snaps back on his neck. He does so as if he’s kicking a can down the street. There is literally no justification for doing that. Period. Now move along.