Hillary Clinton Needs to Let the 'Bitch' Loose on Trump

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton participate in a town hall debate at Washington University in St. Louis on Oct. 9, 2016.

I ran for office once. My opponent was a loud, sugar-hyped seventh-grader, and we were running for seventh-grade class president. Although he didn't have an orange tan or comb-over like Donald Trump, he was just as big a bully as Trump. But that's expected in the seventh grade.

During our run for class president, this boy did everything he could to belittle me. During recess he called me names. He attempted to spread rumors about me. And even at his age, he had already mastered sexually assault of little girls on the playground by grabbing their butts. Sure, boys will be boys, is what everyone said of this seventh-grade terror. And here I was just trying to be the person in charge of picking our field trips.


It wasn't long before I went from quiet and calm Yesha to raging-mad Yesha. I got tired of his shenanigans and I couldn't take it any more. I let the seventh-grade bitch loose. I took my uncles' advice and fought back. No longer would I allow this pimply faced pubescent deplorable try to ruin me on the playground. I gathered my ammunition, blasted him on the playground to his face, then took a group of girls, whom he'd touched inappropriately, and we all marched down to the principal's office and let the chopper fly. And a week later, I was class president.

Sure, he called me a bitch. But guess what? The bitch won.

Hillary Clinton needs to let her bitch loose. And after Trump's grandstanding during Sunday's night debate, it's clear that "going high when they go low" doesn't matter in this election. There were times in the debate when Trump's body language was downright predatory and menacing. He was every bit of the p—sy-grabbing deplorable that we know him for. And it was creepy.

Clinton seems to be suffering from the same issues that Barack Obama suffered when he was running for president. When his opponent attacked, he didn't attack back because he didn't want to come off as an "angry black man." Now we have Clinton who doesn't want to come off as a bitch.

Hills, be a bitch.

Or better yet, be a bitch who beats Trump at his own game. Roll up those pantsuit sleeves and unleash the wrath. Trump deserves it.


Unleash the bitch for every woman Trump has offended and will continue to offend. Unleash the bitch on behalf of those women whom Trump and his running mate want to deny access to reproductive health care. Unleash the bitch on behalf of those women whom Trump wants to build a wall around. Unleash the bitch on behalf of the mothers of the Central Park Five, who Trump still says are guilty. Unleash the bitch, hell, for the women in his family who can't even realize how toxic their father, husband and grandfather is.

There's nothing wrong with being assertive, going after what you want and taking down a deplorable. And what if, in the process of doing all  that, you happen to be called a bitch? Be that bitch. Be the first bitch in the White House.

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