Here's the Rundown—Robin Thede Is Winning With Her New Warner TV Overall Deal

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A Black Lady Sketch Show? More like A Black Lady Success Show!

Robin Thede, the creator and co-star of the aforementioned Emmy-nominated variety show, has recently signed an exclusive overall deal with Warner TV, Deadline reports.


Here’s the rundown (*wink wink*):

Under the pact, Thede will develop new television programming for all platforms including on-demand, streaming services as well as premium and basic cable channels. This includes HBO and HBO Max. Details about the financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, but WBTVG has confirmed that the deal is an exclusive multi-year agreement.

“If you need me, I’ll be in my bag,” Thede tweeted Tuesday, shortly after the big news was announced.

Robin is winning! Racking up major writing credits such as The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore and Late Night With Seth Meyers, Thede leveled up when she scored her own late-night talk show and variety series on BET, The Rundown With Robin Thede. The show’s quick cancellation (2017-2018) certainly made an impact on her fans, especially since she was the lone woman of color hosting a late night TV show solo at the time. Still, Thede proved she could bounce back. Hell, with this new deal, maybe we can see another late night show of hers!

A Black Lady Sketch Show was recently nominated for Outstanding Variety Sketch Series and its director Dime Davis made history by being the first Black woman to be nominated in the Outstanding Directing for a Variety Series category. The critically acclaimed series was renewed for a second season.


Thede is already pretty busy, as she’s writing a feature for HBO called Fashionably Black with Christa Gatewood, produced by Michael B. Jordan’s Outlier Society.

Congrats to Robin and we look forward to seeing what she has up her sleeve!

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Congrats to her!

I put her in the same camp as I do Larry Wilmore; behind everything I love without knowing it, supporting every comedian I love, writes everything I love, makes moves behind the scenes.