The President Speaks … Again

"My hope is that as a consequence of this event, this ends up being what’s called ‘a teachable moment' where all of us, instead of pumping up the volume, spend a little more time listening to each other,” he said.

President Obama, in a White House briefing today

Read the full statement here.

Speaking for the Unheard


"You can't speak out too soon about racism and injustice. I know that Skip Gates is going to be alright … But I'm thinking about all of those black men out there, unknown, unlettered, unlearned who are daily confronted with police officers … who did not care and who showed great disrespect for the person and their rights. That's the real issue."

Vernon Jordan, on MSNBC's The Place for Politics

Pulling Out the Race Card


"There's no making something about race. Race is not a card that we can pull out…"

Touré on MSNBC's Morning Meeting

A Perfect Storm?


"It's clear that the handcuffing of Dr. Gates was unneccessary, it seems. He was no threat to anybody."

Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. on MSNBC's Morning Meeting

Skip Responds to the President


Listen to Henry Louis Gates Jr. on Gayle King's show. He responds to President Obama's comments.