LeBron James (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

In his Fox Sports column, Jason Whitlock checks in on the NBA season. He says that LeBron James is the best reason to watch professional basketball, calling him the Tim Tebow of the NBA. His pagan version of Tebowing is simply fascinating.

James is basketball’s Tim Tebow. James polarizes and fascinates. His mechanics are flawed. His pregame chalk toss to the rafters is a non-religious, hey-look-at-me version of Tebowing.


For now, until they actually win something, Shake and Blake are potentially an exciting version of Stockton and Malone. The Mailman and Stockton were always a second or third act to Jordan, Hakeem, Shaq and Kobe, Duncan and Robinson.

As for Stern? He must figure out how to get out of the media spotlight so the true ratings-drivers — the actual players — can repair the damage done by the lockout. This might require the commissioner to retire a couple of years before he planned.

[NBA Commissioner David] Stern’s Christmas NBA marathon should be his final big marketing ploy.

Read Jason Whitlock's entire column at Fox Sports.

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